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Proxy for Instagram is a popular phrase today. Opens up many opportunities for whom this social network is a constant source of income. In the literal sense, proxy servers are named certain simulators of an individual IP address. In other words, we need proxies so that Instagram recognizes the activity in the account that was committed by a person. It is also a very important criterion for choosing protection against blocks that often occur when working from a shared server or having multiple accounts.

The purpose of using proxies for Instagram. Who can use it?

A proxy is extremely necessary to use a software for automatic promotion when you connect more than 2 accounts at the same time. Its absence can cause a blockage and, as a result, the loss of completely “aged” accounts. Therefore, it is a proxy that makes it possible to simultaneously promote the necessary and safe number of accounts, while using various applications and services. The main goal is to protect your already created “world” on Instagram from the risk of losing it. It is almost impossible to do it yourself.
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In addition, proxies are used for:

  • providing access from the local network to the Internet;
  • data caching;
  • data compression;
  • protect the network from external access and some network attacks;
  • restrictions of access from a local network to an external;
  • the anonymity of access to various resources.

You can use Proxies if you are a experienced user of the social network or a beginner who are just taking the “first steps” in this sphere.

Types of proxy for Instagram

Proxies for Instagram are divided into types, each of which has its own characteristics:

  • Shared or TransparentThese are the addresses of proxy servers, which can be found in the public resources without difficulty. They are not suitable for promotion on Instagram since from the beginning of using such a proxy to the moment of the ban, the user has only a couple of minutes or (if got lucky) a couple of days, which does not give any guarantee to avoid this unpleasant moment. Moreover, such proxies are perfect for others, no less necessary tasks in the sphere of the so-called “partisan” or “guerrilla” marketing;
  • Anonymous or Elite anonymousa) Proxies with a low level of anonymity – the remote server does not detect IP but knows the fact of using a proxy. Using a proxy of this level is not advisable, since the system, having determined the fraud, will temporarily block the account. At an average level, when a remote server knows about the use of a proxy and, as a result, “guesses” about the IP address, but not about its belonging to a specific user. You should also refrain from using such proxies. b) Proxies with a high degree of anonymity, these are the ones that should be used for promotion. In this case, Instagram will not recognize the IP and will not be able to detect the fact of using a proxy.

Instagram Proxy Guidelines

There are a number of rules and recommendations for the use of proxies. The implementation of which determines the quality and effectiveness of promotion on Instagram:

  • when using several services in conjunction with Instagram, you should use the same proxy everywhere. This will significantly reduce the risk of getting a block;
  • IPv6 proxies are suitable for Instagram, as they have a high speed;
  • HTTPS and SOCKS5 proxy formats for the above purposes are not particularly important and are supported by default.

And the most important is the following rule: you should purchase proxies for Instagram only those that correspond to geolocation.
Using Explorer? Get more benefits by connecting it with proxies. Learn how to set up a proxy server in Internet Explorer.

How to configure proxies for Instagram – step-by-step connection

You can use a proxy server for both computer browsers and smartphones. Let’s take a look at both options. Manual setting:

  1. For the browser, it will look like this: go to the settings -> optional -> network -> manual configuration of proxy services. Enter the data (IP-address and port). The setting in all browsers (Google Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox) is almost the same.
  2. To configure the server on Windows, you need to enter the addresses of purchased proxies through the network and the control center. Everything is almost identical on Windows7, Windows8, Windows10.
    Is a proxy server already configured on your operating system? If not – read the instructions on how to configure proxies on Windows 10.
  3. For mobile devices running Android OS: open the Wi-Fi network settings, select the connected network, click on its settings, enter the proxy data into the appropriate line. Connectivity on iOS is also not much different.
  4. Either download a special utility via Google Play or AppStore, for example, ProxyDroid. In the dialog box of the program we enter the proxy address and its port. Put a tick in front of the “auto-connect” item.