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Account restrictions and blocking are possible even in online games. To prevent this nuisance from affecting you, we’ll show you how to bypass access restrictions on your gaming platform. The most effective way to bypass the block on the PlayStation is to connect a PS4 proxy server. How this is done, we will analyze more detailed below.

Why do I need Proxies in Play Station 4

Sony Playstation game console owners may need to use a proxy server for several reasons:

  • opening access to games whose release has not been in a certain country yet;
  • unblocking content from international sites through the PlayStation browser;
  • opening access to the PlayStation Network.

Now you understand what proxy servers PS4 are for? It will hide the valid IP address of your game console. Instead, the data of the used proxy server and the geolocation associated with it will be displayed.

How to connect it to Play Station 4

Follow the step by step instructions:

1. Go to the PlayStation settings.

2. Go to the “Network” category.

PS4 Proxy Setup

3. A window will open in which you need to click “Connect to the Internet”

PS4 Proxy Setup

4. Select the Use Wi-Fi option.

PS4 Proxy Setup

5. Select the “Custom” connection method to set up your proxy.

6. Find and click on the appropriate Wi-Fi network.

7. Select the “Automatic” option in the “MTU” settings.

8. In the “Proxy server” settings, click “Use”.

9. Enter the port and IP address of the PS4 proxy server.

That’s all. Proxy server for PS4 successfully configured. To ensure the highest possible connection speed and smoothly use the gaming platform, use private proxy servers. You can buy it at our company.