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Frequently Asked Questions

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Account (2)

Category: Account
  1. To create a new account, fill out the registration form.
  2. After registration, you will receive an email. To complete your registration, follow the confirmation link in this email.
  3. If you haven’t received a confirmation email – contact our specialists via support.
Category: Account

You can change it in your Profile.

Affiliate Program (1)

Category: Affiliate Program

Yes! We are ready to work with you not only by high quality proxies, but also with a referral program with which you, your friends or colleagues can easily earn.

General (23)

Category: General

We offer 100% unlimited data.

We do not allow the use of proxies to access the websites of financial organizations.

No, we do not allow any kind of mail protocols through our proxies including but not limited to SMTP, IMAP, POP3.

All mail protocols are actively blocked by our firewall.

There is no exception to this rule.

Category: General


Category: General

yes, we support IP whitelisting authentication.

Category: General

Yes, we support HTTP and SOCKS protocol.

Category: General

Yes, we support user/password proxy authentication.

Category: General

Proxies are a connection to a server that sends your requests through alternate IP addresses and then to the target site.

Category: General

Our clients connect through nodes (real devices – laptops, smartphones, etc.). The IP addresses of the nodes are used as proxies. About 8 million devices connected to the Internet around the world are in our pool.

In some cases, clients need proxies from certain countries, regions, cities, or providers. To do this, you can use the filter in the Customer Dashboard. A system will generate a password after specifying the required values ​​in the filter. This password specifies specific values ​​for the proxy fields.

If you do not use a filter, nodes from any cities/regions/providers will be used as proxies. You specify the proxy location and its binding to the provider after entering the parameters in the filter.

Ports are used for the simultaneous operation of a large number of connections to the proxy. Real devices used as proxies can go offline. In this case, there is an automatic switching (rotation) to another device, which is suitable for the filter conditions. The IP of such a port changes when the node changes.

In some cases, forced rotation is used (switching to other nodes/devices with different IP addresses). Switching occurs at specified intervals that you configure yourself. Forced rotation works even if the node is online.

Category: General

We provide a one-day (24 hours) trial period. To ask for a trial 24 hours proxy just open a support ticket to our sales department asking for a free trial.

Category: General

If your software product works with SOCKS5 or HTTP(S) proxies then it is completely compatible with our service. Usually most of the Social Media automation software nowadays are compatible with these two protocols.

Category: General

Yes, it’s clean mobile 4G internet connection that comes from SIM cards.

Category: General

Your proxy will be assigned instantly after your payment is verified by our team, this is usually done in a couple of minutes during office hours 09:00 to 18:00 GMT-4.

Category: General

A datacenter proxy is a machine-generated IP address that is served by a data center server.

Category: General

A mobile proxy is a 3G/4G/5G connection assigned from a mobile carrier to a user.

Category: General

A proxy is used to collect data from the web, manage accounts online, make purchases from other countries, collect pricing data and much more.

Category: General

The term “proxy“ refers to an IP address which is the personal addresses of every device connected to the internet. These addresses include information about the type of device being used, location of the device and carrier of the user.

Category: General

A residential proxy is assigned from an Internet Service Provider to a user.

Category: General

Every time your software, web browser, or computer program wants to load a web page it uses at least one connection.

A thread (in the context of proxies) is a connection to an IP address.

For example, 100 threads would provide a maximum of 100 simultaneous connections to a proxy.

Having more connections/threads available means you can process larger work queues faster.

Category: General

A proxy service is a software, server or group of servers that acts as a gateway to a network of Data center, Residential and/or Mobile proxies.

Category: General

Because you can switch to a new IP anytime you need one. And it comes from a huge pool of fresh IPs that are being used by real people on their phones. In reality, the IPs are used by real people for normal daily activities like browsing the internet, ordering items from Amazon, or scrolling through Instagram. That’s why the IPs have a very high trust score.

Whatever your creative mind comes up with – our friendly customer support team will always give you advice and help with all the technicalities.

Category: General

IPs are from Chile (South America).

Category: General

A proxy is used when a person or company requires a different IP type such as residential, mobile or datacenter IPs, an IP with a different device location, or both. This is needed when a website blocks you or prompts you to input a captcha.

Payment, Subscription and Billing (1)

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