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Free 4G Proxy

Paid proxies differ from free ones in the level of reliability. The problem with public servers is that they work with frequent breaks of connection. Free proxies are based on cheap hardware and low-quality systems, so the proxies are regularly overloaded and as a result crash. The stability of the connection is out of the question if you intend to use servers that are freely available on the Internet.

Free Proxies

There is no need to pay for free proxies, so there is a great demand for them from users from around the world. For this reason, free servers regularly overload and crash. If the quality of the machine on which the proxy is based is tolerable, then breaks can be avoided, but the processes are performed at monstrously low speeds. It is impossible to work normally with automated software on free proxies.

Advantages of free proxies:

  • you do not need to pay for the use.

Disadvantages of Free Proxies:

  • low-speed connection;
  • regular breaks;
  • often these proxies do not provide you with anonymity, but only caching information from the Internet;
  • most IPs from open lists on the network are no longer valid;
  • overtime free ones become paid or disconnected by the owner;
  • some are unsafe;
  • building a chain of servers, the connection speed drops significantly.

Paid Proxies

Unlike free proxies, paid ones are sent for individual use. This eliminates the overload and subsequent shutdown of servers, due to which UPTime of anonymous high-speed servers is 99%. Paid proxies will work around the clock to complete your tasks and will allow you to avoid the block of the IP address due to a “neighbor” on the server.

All the advantages of paid proxies:

  • the high degree of anonymity;
  • work smoothly;
  • open access to blocked sites, providing maximum data protection;
  • you can choose the perfect server for connection speed, geolocation, etc .;
  • speed does not slow down building a chain of servers.

Disadvantages of paid proxies:

  • monthly subscription.


Let’s draw an analogy with a trip to the barbershop. Imagine that you were offered a free haircut. You agree and come to the chosen barber. The haircut process begins, but it does not last long since the master breaks the scissors and the machine turns off due to overheating. There is nothing to be done about it, there is no other equipment. What is left for you? To go unshaved and look for another place where you can cut your hair.

The situation is similar to the use of free proxies. Yes, you do not need to pay for them, but what is the point if such proxies do not give you the desired result. Maximum anonymity and data protection from hacking, stable multi-threading in the work for you will be provided only by uninterrupted paid servers rented from a reliable provider.

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